Process Engineering

Process Engineering

The design and installation of various process equipment projects in the last few years have taken DS Design to the next level. Self-contained units designed, delivered and duplicated can significantly increase productivity in your facilities.  Our team of engineers design custom framework, vessels and tanks in conjunction with pumps, valves, instrumentation, and controls for your process needs.  The system is then tested, and delivered to your facility.

DS Design works well with directors and motivated engineering teams who are looking to take their business to the next level.  Busy engineering teams cannot afford to take their focus off existing revenue streams, however new opportunities in your market may exist and we’re here to help.

Plant managers are continually challenged to maintain optimal safety in the workplace. Since 1994, DS Design has been committed to safety in every aspect of our design. We carry this mindset throughout the design process ensuring the safety of your plant employees.

D.S. Design Principles

Honesty is the foundation for any healthy relationship.

We listen to your needs with an open mind.

We prioritize high impact deliverables early in the project.

Details solidify the design.

We arrive at team-based solutions.

We measure twice and cut once.

We are tirelessly dedicated

 to accuracy and quality.

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